Don’t Throw it Away! 15 Surprising Things You Can Recycle Today!

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Recycling is a fantastic way to lessen the environmental impact and every small effort counts. From aluminum cans to paper bags, everyday items can be recycled and turned into something useful.

So, don'tdon't throw it away! With proper knowledge, even surprising objects that you might have thought were meant for the trash can be transformed into new, recycled products.

In this blog, we'll dive into some unexpected items you can recycle today.

Sure, here are 15 items that can be recycled:

1. Cell Phones and Electronics

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Cell phones and other electronics are the most common items that can be recycled. Many retailers offer programs for recycling old electronics – you can use them to get discounts, trade-ins, or even donate to charity. 

So don'tdon't just throw away your old phones and tablets – keep them for a while and research on recycling them.

2. Plastic Grocery Bags

plastic bags
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Plastic bags are very harmful to the environment, and recycling them can help reduce the amount of plastic waste. You can take your used plastic bags to supermarkets or stores that accept them for recycling – many stores have designated collection bins for plastic bags.

3. Printer Cartridges

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Most printer cartridges are made of plastic and can be recycled. Many office supply stores will accept used cartridges for recycling – take them to the store, and they'll take care of it for you. Check with your local store first to see if they accept them.

4. Wine corks

wine corks
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Wine corks are also surprisingly recyclable. Wineries often collect used corks and turn them into new products, such as soil conditioners or furniture. Check with your local winery to see if they have a cork recycling program.

6. CDs and DVDs

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Now that technology is shifting away from physical media, you may have an extensive collection of CDs and DVDs. Instead of tossing them out, see if you can recycle them!

Many organizations accept old discs so they can be reused to create new products or even broken down into raw materials, which are then used to manufacture new discs.

Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept this type of waste and help keep old discs out of landfills.

7. Old Keys

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Did you know that old and discarded keys can be recycled too? Many recycling centers accept bulk metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum in the form of old keys.

This is an easy way to remove those extra keys around your house without throwing them away. Drop off your old keys at a local recycling center, and they'll take care of the rest.

8. Greeting Cards

greeting cards
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It'sIt's always lovely to receive a well-wishing card from someone, but what about those cards past their expiration date?

Instead of throwing them away, consider recycling your old greeting cards. Many organizations accept used cards so they can be repurposed into new products such as gift tags and stationery.

Just remove any personal information from the cards before dropping them off.

9. Bubble Wrap

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Bubble wrap is one of the most versatile forms of packaging out there, and it's also surprisingly easy to recycle.

Many stores that sell bubble wrap will accept used bubble wrap for recycling purposes. You can also wrap your other stuff, like books and magazines for extra protection before donation or selling.

It'sIt's a great way to ensure your stuff gets to its destination safely while reducing the amount of waste you produce.

10. Bras

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Believe it or not, you can even recycle your old bras! Many organizations accept gently used or new bras to help impoverished women and girls.

These bras are then distributed to those who need them most through donation programs. So if you have any bras that no longer fit you, consider donating them instead of throwing them away.

11. Tennis Balls

tennis balls
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Tennis balls are made from rubber, felt, and other materials. When they're worn out, most people toss them in the trash, but you can recycle them!

Many organizations accept used tennis balls for recycling. The rubber is then broken down into pellets which can be used to make new products such as playground mats and sports equipment.

12. Christmas Lights

Christmas lights
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It doesn'tdoesn't make sense to buy new Christmas lights every year when you can easily recycle your old ones. You can reuse the lights in different decorations or donate them to charity.

Most recycling centers accept old Christmas lights for recycling, and some will even pay you for them. The lights are then broken down into raw materials, which can be used to make new products.

13. Eyeglasses

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Countless people donate their glasses to those in need around the world. But if you have a pair that's no longer useful, don'tdon't throw them away! Many eyeglasses repair shops accept broken glasses for recycling, as do organizations like New Eyes for the Needy and OneSight.

They use those glasses to provide vision care and eyewear to needy people. So, if you can no longer use your glasses, ensure they get a second life!

14. Crayons

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Believe it or not, used crayons can be recycled into new ones! Many organizations collect unwanted, broken crayons from schools, businesses, and individuals.

They then sort and clean the crayons before melting them into liquid wax. The wax is then poured into molds to create new crayons, which they donate to schools or children in need.

15. Office Furniture

And the last one on our list is office furniture. So don't throw away those desks, chairs, cabinets, and other office items when you are done with them!

Many organizations accept donations of gently used office furniture. These organizations then redistribute the furniture to charities and schools in need. So make sure your old office furniture has a second chance at life!

Stop Throwing Away

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So there you have it! Now you know 15 surprising things you can recycle today. From greeting cards to crayons and office furniture, there are plenty of ways to give your old items a new life. Not only does recycling help reduce the waste we create, but it also helps those in need by donating gently used products or providing raw materials for new ones. So make sure you take the time to recycle your unwanted items and help save our environment!

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