15 Unconventional Ways People Pinch Pennies

Countless frugal people take saving money to the extreme, and we're about to learn about them together. From air-drying their laundry to riding their bikes to work, extreme frugality is the best (and arguably the most exhaustive way) to save in 2023. Recently, these mega-savers met in an online discussion, pulled back the curtain, and revealed all the unconventional ways they pinch pennies.

1. Reuse Ziploc Bags

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Although it may initially sound unsanitary, reusing Ziploc bags is an ingenious way to save money! Think about it: as long as the bag wasn't used to store raw meat, it's completely fine to wash and reuse it. It may garner you some strange looks from friends, but hey, you're saving money.

2. Be Smart About Your Summer Energy Bill

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For non-frugal people, the summer months go hand-in-hand with sky-high air-conditioning bills. It doesn't have to be that way; you just have to think outside the box. “In the summer, you can strategically use windows to keep air flowing and the house cool and not run up your electricity bill,” reveals one savvy saver.

3. Be Handy

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Many frugal people reveal they aren't afraid to take things further. These people must be handymen and handywomen in previous lives because they profess to fix anything that's broken, from holes in socks and pants to minor plumbing and electrical work. It must feel great never to spend money to fix things!

4. Grow Your Own Vegetables and Herbs

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If the cost of food is enough to scare you away from the supermarket, you have only one option: grow your own food. “I garden, so during most of the summer, I don't buy veggies or herbs,” confesses one woman. “I wish we had a farm so I could raise, grow, and harvest everything! During gardening season, I make my own sauces, pastes, and spreads from veggies in the garden. It saves so much on grocery bills.”

5. Reassess Your Internet and Cell Phone Bill

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Countless people express surprise over how high their internet and phone bills have crept over the years. However, there is a solution to this artificial inflation: if you call your internet or cell phone company and threaten to cancel service, they will often present you with a retention plan to prevent you from leaving. In many cases, this leads to a lower utility bill. It never hurts to ask. 

6. Save Money by Air-Drying Clothes

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It's an open secret that most people waste too much time and energy doing laundry. Fortunately, there is a frugal way to avoid shelling out big bucks on washing-machine-related energy bills. “Hang laundry to dry on clothing racks during the winter and on the clothing lines outside during the summer,” advises one woman. “And if I don't sweat in clothing and have been home all day, I hang them up to air out and wear them for a few more days.”

7. Make Things You Need

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If you're frugal-minded and great with your hands, lean into those aspects of your life and save significant money. Many people reveal they have no problem making the necessary things, from crocheting winter gloves and hats to making homemade bathroom soaps. If you have a skill that can benefit you and your family, don't squander it. 

8. Switch to Online-Only Banks

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If you're tired of being nickel-and-dimed by big banks in the form of unfair fees and charges, you're past due to join an online-only bank. These banks offer the same features and protections you'd expect from a financial institution in 2023, with one significant difference: since they have no physical locations with bank tellers, they have no reason to add unnecessary fees. It's a winning proposition!

9. Ensure Your Home Is Efficient

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If you haven't already, note which parts of your home and apartment can be upgraded with modern fixtures and lighting. Making these upgrades can yield impressive energy savings. “Switch to LED lights, put things on timers, and set a schedule for your thermostat,” explains one man. “Use dark shades to reduce sunlight streaming in, and make sure that you caulk and seal your windows to prevent air leakage. Install energy-efficient shower heads.”

10. Bike To Work

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Driving to work every day is overrated. Not only does doing so contribute to traffic and pollution, but commuting to work in a car or truck is a severe money drain. The solution to this problem is simple: begin riding your bike to work. Not only will you save money, but you'll naturally get into phenomenal shape. 

11. Ditch Brand-Name Clothing

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It takes a mental shift to appreciate clothing not covered with the latest designer labels. It's time to let go! “I love clothes, but I rarely buy anything over $20, maybe $30 if I really like it,” reveals one woman. “You'll never see me wearing brand name items unless I got it at a thrift store. My two best friends buy mostly brand name, and I just can't even come close to spending money on that.”

12. Stop Trading in Your Cell Phone

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Most savvy shoppers know cell phones haven't substantially changed since the mid-2010s. With this information, ask yourself: Why are you trading in your already-fantastic cell phone every year or two? Is it necessary? Let me answer that question: it isn't. Learn to love what you have, and you'll be surprised how much money you'll save.

13. Plan Grocery Trips Around Sales

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For some people, planning your grocery list around that week's sales is a strategy that saves much more money than basing your list on your intuition. “We don't eat out very much and only grocery shop once a week after payday,” admits one dad. “We plan our meals according to sales and stock up on things we need when the sales hit. “

14. Use Rags Instead of Paper Towels

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Using paper towels is one of the most wasteful things you can do, and when you factor in the relatively high cost of buying them, the most frugal thing to do is eliminate paper towel use entirely. Instead of paper towels, use hand towels or rags and wash as needed. Getting used to your new lifestyle will take some time, but your wallet will thank you. 

15. Be a Savvy Chef

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Whether you're an amateur or professional chef, use those cooking skills to your advantage. “We make our own bread, cook all meals, the kids and husband take leftovers to school and work, and husband takes coffee to work in a travel mug,” admits one mom. Nothing smells better than a frugal household filled with fresh bread!

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